SInce My husband has fallen Ill, I have tried relentlessly to find financial kelp. Because he isnt a senior , hes 52, he isnt eligable for financial assistance. My electric bill is 800.00 I went to the church they gave me 200.00 I am very greatful yet Its just not enough... My twins are graduating this year, I cant even send them to the prom. I acnt pay my bills, my food stamps dont carry me through the month 255.00 for a family of six? Really? After years of working and paying in you get peanuts to live on. Cant ake much more !!! I am so depressed I am forzen. I cant function, I am just stuck. ANY IDEAS???????

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Have you contacted the American Cancer Society to see if they can help? Would your husband's insurance cover some in-home help so you could go to work? Can your high school sons get part time jobs or stay with your husband while you worked evenings? My kids worked during high school to help out and still graduated with honors.
Busy and Jinx offered good suggestions. There is help out there and these agencies can point you in the right direction.
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Hello. I am sorry to hear of your difficulty.
First I would have a talk with your clery,
I would hope they would uptake you
And family.
I would also contact the local ministerial
Alliance/food bank.
I would also contact the utility Co to
Make out a payment plan
I might also consider contacting a local,
Community sponsored non-profit credit
counciling group.
As for husband, can he apply for disability
Or unemployment?
Also if he has a specific disease contact
That disease association, many have
you can also look at patient advocate and
Needy meds online
You can also index out online fundraising,
but be carefully, two that come to mind (but
Check them out) and giveforward
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What a difficult situation. I know what you mean about feeling frozen. At times like this you need all your strength and courage, but where did they go?
Are you eligible for Medicaid to cover his bills for care? I know it's hard for people who have SOME money but not enough for their needs. Do you have United Way or the Salvation Army near you? They probably can't give you enough money, but they can refer you to other agencies that might help.
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