I can and other individual caregivers could write a book as a caregiver just for one day. All you got to do is read the posts and answers of been through. Try to look at it all and you can't go further it doesn't stop. You'll realize that as a caregiver you took the obligation: giving up time, jobs, relationships, person health, financial, name it on and on, etc.

Question: Once you're done as caregiver? What is your imaginary destination?

Mine at times is: Fantasy Island and know there will be challenges on the way. I also got a back up: I picked a bottle I opened there, I dream of Genie popped up and I can make any wish at my command. Last backup: I have Scottie in Star Trek that will beam up out of a problem.

I realize that in reality ain't gonna happen and if you comment on yours, given your thought/comment probably ain't going to happen either. In the end whatever your experiences as a caregiver, know I did at least shed light when asking is there going to be recovery after being a caregiver?

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