I started at $9 an hour for 4 hours a day 5 days a week. Then aprox. 3 months into my services my hours were cut and I was told it was due to government cut backs. Then again my hours were cut again same reason was given. I since have had to pay out of pocket for CPR training, Blood work Care giving training required by the agency that says I have to cover all cost. I have not been given any type of employment review which concerns because I was hired all over email and faxing. I asked for a cost of living increase since I have been working with the same man over a a year now. Care giving services were offered to him the VA. I don't know who to contact with these concerns.

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Hmmm. My father is vet with only 10% disability and I *believe* that Purple Hearts get even higher level of services from VA. My father can get a home nurse through VA and they pay $120 per hour. YES, I've seen the statements, the VA pays the Home Health Nurse Agency $120 for each one-hour visit. And usually nurse is only there for maybe 15 minutes anyway.

The difference, I think, is that I arranged this through my dad's geriatric doctors at the VA. Then those physicians, based on my requests to get help for my dad, put in order for home nurse.

Can you possibly find out who is your charge's Primary Care doctor at their specific VA med facility, and contact them, and tell them that your charge needs additional care? Can one of your charge's family members help you with this?

Seems like you need a VA physician to declare your charge NEEDS the additional care. And I can't believe you're only receiving $9 per hour when this agency for my dad gets $120 per visit. This seems quite strange to me. Good luck!
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Can you call the VA hospital administrator and ask these questions? There has GOT to be someone in the know over there at the VA hospital, or at least they can point you in the right direction.
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