My mom lived alone for the past 30 plus years and just recently fell ill. She went from taking no medication to half a pharmacy. She was in the hospital for 10 days, in patient rehab for another 10 days w/ a diagnosis of CHF & COPD. She has been living w/ me and my family for 2 weeks now. She is a very intelligent, bright woman who just has a failing body. She needs more care than we can give her and would benefit from ALF. She is accepting of it but just downright scared. One of the main problems is money. What programs are out there that can assist us? She only has Social Security, which is basically peanuts. Any advise is more than welcomed!.

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Hi Laurie,
I do not know much about the financial side but I saw your heading, So I'm not alone?-- and just wanted to say -No-you sure are not alone!!! Have you tired typing in the "search site" financial aide? Or something along those lines?
What is Mom afraid of with AL? Or is she just over whelmed with the whole diagnosis process? My Mom had a brain stem stroke and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's but now they are not so sure as she has not regressed as expected over the years. She does have some thinking related issues but more physical right now. She gets sad about her ailing body as she used to be so active and jazzercised until about age 65. Now she cannot even walk. It is hard for her - and my Dad who is full time caregiver. It is hard to know what to say , no? When Mom gets scared.
I hope someone can give you some financial advice. In the meantime surf this site. it might already be posted
Blessings! :0)
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