Caregiver legal advice, in South Carolina?


Hey guys, So for the past year I've (19y/o) been taking care of my mom (BACKSTORY: March of 2015 she had open heart surgery and immediately following she had a major stroke which left her PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY incompetent.)
My sister (20) lives here with me and takes care of her when she is off of work, and so does my SO (23).

In the past five months none of my moms other kids (50, & 52) have came to help us out (even when they did come over they would constantly be calling onto me or my sister instead of doing it themselves) and so we've decided to move.

We're wanting to move two hours away and the other sisters (50, 52) do not agree with that. They say that is unfair that they won't get to see their mom. They complain to my other sister (20) who works with them both on a daily basis and always say something about her money and her personal belongings..

I know that that is all that they care about but they doesn't hold up in court.

I'm asking to see if anyone knows my legal rights here in South Carolina.

P.S: she has NO power of attorney.

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I doubt that you'd be appointed guardian if there's contention within the family. An independent guardian would be appointed and his/her fees would be paid for by your mother.

When you see an attorney today, ask about putting the sisters on notice that they can stop bickering and help, or continue bickering, and end up more as outsiders once a guardian takes over.

If they want to see your mother, they can come over to help, not complain. Stand up to them.
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No one has power of attorney, I mentioned that at the end of my question. I am talking to an attorney today who can hopefully give me some legal advice on the situation to see how to get guardianship even though the 2/3 sisters will not agree.
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Well somebody has POA, right? And someone is Health Care Proxy? If not see a lawyer ASAP and petition for Guardianship.
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