The person whom is being abused is 63 years old, only one leg, can't walk, wheelchair bound. Her daughter is her caregiver and keeps on yelling and slapping her mom, what can be done?

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Call APS, but as APS is very very busy, good advise rioblu, call 911. The first thing they are going to ask you is when did this occur before and what steps were taken.
The police are here for emergencies, and unfortunately, bruises heal, slaps are not red the next day. Do you have a camera? Is the person that she is with that is doing this always there?

There are three words as care provider's that we use.

That is just some helpful hints.

Take care of the "vulnerable adult" that is the first a foremost thing to do. Good luck to you and best wishes.
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CALL THE POLICE. That said, if I witnessed this, I would properly restrain the assailant with a full-body tackle and then call 911. On the other hand, if the patient is reporting this, I would carefully look for marks, consider her level of mental capacity, and any history of false reports in the past. I have heard some pretty bizarre statements from the demented.
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Call APS IF you have witnessed this behavior. However, if you are being told this by a third party, or if the patient has dementia and is reporting this, I would tred a bit more carefully and do a little more digging. You might call local council on the aging and discuss the specifics with them.
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