For me, I get overwhelmed a lot, because of taking care of my mother (she lives 30 mi. from me) and trying to find a job. I have no one to talk to and because of that, I find myself crying a lot at night when I go to bed. There are times that I could really use the physical strength of a man, but, since she can't afford to hire a "handy man," I just have to take care of what needs to get done. I know that I never expected that at 56 yrs. old, I'd be alone and taking care of my mother. Anyone out there in the same situation? I appreciate any feedback from "new friends!"....God Bless caregivers!!
(I think that we caregivers are God's "Special Angels!")

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I understand completely. If anyone ever told me I'd be 60 and living with my mother, I would have thought they were crazy. Life circumstances can certainly bring about things we never expected. I have hopes that it will all lead to something good. What and when I don't know.
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BWolff56 I hear you and this is not an easy one fix answer since I am going through this and have gone through this for two years now. I think we all need to get a rest from it for sure and that is something I never got. I am barely holding up anymore and pray for strength as the days seem to be closing in around me for some reason it is doom and dread and fear of losing my father now. Sorry that probably not helping you but I am here if you want to ask me anything. I do alot of praying and deep breathing. And sleep - well that one is not so good. Hugs to you. I am the same age as well so you are not alone!
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