Complaint Investigation regarding a Maintenance employee and Administratror, complaint being a question of wrongful discharge with physicaly restraining a Resident. All complaints are found to be substantiated (they were both found guilty after investigation by DHHS) The Admin leaves, on her own, but goes to another facility? Maintenance employee still works there? Even with that charge he is able to keep his job. I question why?? I lose my job? This amazes me?? I understand that the State cannot discipline employees, but if that person had a license, (Admin does and now has to go before the Board of Administrators) the State would report to the proper agency? Where do you report worker's without a license and why in the world would any employer want to keep an employee who could even think of violating one's Rights like that??

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The only one who would help the Admin was the maintenance.. It is a small boarding home. The one in charge has known that Admin for 16 years and he is aware, he even tried to appeal the charge three times and lost his appeal's. I have even written to the Governor of Maine?? The State knows, they found them guilty?? It's a horrible unethical situation. Thats what I asked the Governor? and the state? Why is he allowed to be there???
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There must be a person with a license in charge some where up the line, and that would be the person responsible for directing the patient's care. An administrator and a maintenance employee? What strange people to be restraining a patient. Who does the meds and treatments? the bathing and hygiene? Why keep the employee---family ties? What kind of facility? Board and care? Snf?
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