Sometimes, I become frustrated and impatient with my parent. I talk snappy and quick talking and repeat myself. I tell my parent to stop moving the channel changer, phone-book or certain objects around and just leave it in its original place so I can find them. My parent keeps rearranging things and hiding stuff but I know I'm asking to much since they have the first stages of Dementia they will forget what I even said, but sometimes my parent remembers and it surprises me. The dementia fluctuates. Anyways I always end up apologizing and give a hug. I even say I hope you forgive me I'm sorry for getting impateint and frustrated with you. Its the guilt that eats me up and I have a hard time with it.

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You are coping as well as you can, and doing a great job. Ignoring the difficult behaviours might be the ‘best’ approach, but none of us are perfect. You should feel proud of what you do, not guilty because of your understandable shortcomings. Cheer up!
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It’s really hard to live with this 24/7. Period. I have taped what goes in garbage versus recycling garbage cans. She still throws clumped kitty litter off the deck. My shepherd/ husky could probably get an emergency room vet clinic visit ,if she consumed clumped kitty litter. So now I’m more vigilant. Check the yard daily. That’s one of many things I do to compensate for her dementia.
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dlpandjep Sep 6, 2018
We kind-of "have their back" don't we. 😊
I could've written this and I imagine there are many who would agree. My Mother loves to "straighten" things, and like your LO, she hides things. She went through a period of hiding my kitchen knives and that was frightening. Lately, she likes taking my pens and I find them wrapped in tissues and hidden all over the place. Frustrating is just the beginning. I try to remember to take a moment to look in her eyes - the eyes of an old woman, yet as innocent as a child. It melts me every time. And yes, there is the guilt. Every night before bed, I hold her and tell her I love her. I think that helps both of us. Learn to forgive yourself - keep reminding yourself it's not her, it's this disease. Bless you for the selfless love you give ..... and give .......
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