My parents are receiving SS and have Medicare. I really need some kind of income, will be hard for me to find job while still need to take care of my parents. don't no where to start ?

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sorry Richard, but getting paid would mean they are the ones who pay you. I wish I could tell you of a program, it's a common question. Medicare and Medicaid provide for them.
The agency that provides their care may or may not hire you, but as an example, my MIL only got paid 6 hrs a week (2hrs 3times a week) to care for her own mother.
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Richard, that’s a very common question asking about getting paid. Majority of grown children do not get paid for caring for their parent, unless the parent is financially able to pay from their own pocket. If a parent can afford to pay you, the parent might as well hire a certified trained caregiver allowing you to keep a full-time job.

If you live in the States, see If your parent qualifies for Medicaid, the State might allow a trained Caregiver come in to help for a couple hours. Also check to see if your State is one of those States that has a “Cash and Counseling” program to help you out, it‘s worth looking into. Note that each State has their own rules, regulations, and programs.

Also contact your county agency on aging for programs such as Case Management, Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Care, housing, care referrals, etc,... go to the website link below.... click on your State.... now click on the city/county.

And please come back to the forums if you have any Caregiving questions, we would be more than happy to share our experiences with you, and give you ideas on what to do.
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Depending on what state you are in and how they handle medicare, there might be a small amount of money for you, but other than that no one is going to pay you for taking care of your parents. Do they have any financial resources at all? I

How old are your parents?

What are their health needs that required you to quit your job and take care of them?

Are you an only child or do you have siblings.?
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