Me and my husband have been taking care of my mom w dementia and my husband now has been diagnosed with advanced liver disease. He is the only one working in our family and I am the primary caretaker of my mom. He is only 53 yrs old and I am scared to death. If he has to quit work I will have to work but how can I with now 2 to take care of. Will he be able to qualify for disability? OMG, now what do I do??????????????

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MMendez- I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are facing so much turmoil. I wish I could help but I do not have any answers for you about qualifying for disability. But know that you and your husband and Mom are in my prayers tonight. Not to preach but God has really, really helped me in my hours of need and I have found strength and peace through Our Lord. May God hold you in the palm of His hand during this time.
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Take it one step at a time.

Looking into disability payments for your husband is probably the first step.

Look into programs that your mother might be eligible for, perhaps to bring some care into the home, especially if you need to work at a paying job. This might include Medicaid. If your husband gets on disability he will also be eligible for Medicaid, even though he is so young.

Perhaps a place to start to help you sort out the options and look into what is available is to call Social Services in your county and ask for a needs assessment.

I am very, very sorry for this huge blow to your entire family. How scary! But you are not alone. Reach out to get the help you'll all need to get through this.
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