My mother is 83 and has early dementia. She is constantly telling stories about events that happened 60 or 70 years ago, some are happy and some are not. She repeats the same stories every time I see her which is every other day. Is it something I should be concerned about? Is it normal?

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* sigh * some stories ive heard word for word so many times i have to leave the room. i think things would be much different if the elders lived in the present but they dont. its still not as bad as my grandpa. he would ramble incessantly from sunup to sunset and if everyone left the room he would go right on with his pointless stories. they say you should only speak good of the dead.. hes dead, good..
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My father of 86 does the same thing. I just listen and nod. Of course he elaborates on the story each and everytime I hear it. When he is finally finished it will probably an epic tale made for tv movie.(Sarcasm) Each time he tells the story there is more fantasy than what really happened. This is quite normal and really no reason to be alarmed. He never remembers that he has already told me the story before and has a problem telling between fact and fiction. It's all part of the affliction.
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