So this is not really a question, but if I don't use a question mark my remarks seem to go to some abyss that I can't find.

More of an update!

Last Friday I went for the first time to a local caregiver support group meeting. Not sure how that's gonna shake out. I'll give it a few more visits before I make a determination as to whether or not it's worth while.

More importantly, today was my first visit to see a counselor/ therapist.

It was overwhelming to realize how my childhood etc has totally affected how I am trying to deal with the sudden (and unexpected) responsibility of caring for my Mother as well as my Aunt.

I was with the counselor and his wife for over two hours. So many things came to light.

The most important takeaway from today, and the reason I am posting this, is that I (we all) need to just let the tears and emotions flow!!

Find at least a few moments where you can totally have that all out, no holds barred cry!!

Holding it all in is only hurting you!

I have been trying to be brave and strong. Truth is I feel totally overwhelmed and in over my head.

I know many of you are feeling the same way.

I am so grateful for all of you and the advice to seek counseling !!

We are all in this crazy reality together! We are not alone!

Many blessings to you all!!

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Oh my gosh, yes. My therapist started off letting me reach a take a few tissues out of his box. Then, some days, he told me to take the entire box!

I am glad that you have initiated therapy. It’s not easy but worth it. It’s hard work but a great investment in your mental health.

Best wishes to you 💗.
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