Here's the problem.

My grandmother is not too well and she has been staying with my parents for a couple days. My parents are going on vacation and I will be the only one left in the area to stay with her. She just needs company and someone to make sure she doesnt wander off as she likes to explore.

Problem is, that I was planning to go skiing with my in-laws at their condo. Since I go skiing a lot my entire family is telling me I should stay home with my grandmother while they go off on the plane for the week. If it comes to it, I would stay around if it means my grandmother being alright and my mother not worrying about my grandmother and it looks like that will be the case. However, has anyone else ran into this problem/is there any other solution save me staying around for the weekend?

She was in the hospital over the weekend because of dehydration from her being alone. Is it possible to set her up for a rehab center for 4 days if her doctor reccommends it? Does that seem like something that would not occur?

Any advice would be great.


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To follow up, she lives about 100 miles from my parents normally by herself and we can not rely on anyone else in her neighborhood to take care of her. She has meals on wheels and home health nurses coming twice a day but she likes to wander and without my mother to call her and remind her (or sometimes even though she reminds her) of the appointments she will get a bus to the store to pick up something un-neccessary because she just likes to go out.

To sum it up, she has a home to go to but my mother does not think she should be there by herself especially if I end up 5 hours away skiing.
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