Is it possible to have a male to live in with him. He needs long term care. unable to walk wheel chair bound. With some therapy he could make some progress.

Any home care agency in your area should be able to help you.

Unfortunately, the cost is very high, $23.-$30./ hr. depending on the type of care.

Can your family help out in the hours after work and at night? This would greatly reduce the cost.

Even if you got a "live in", they still need 2 days a week off. The agency can talk to you about hourly care vs. live in. Each has its own set of rules by law.

Check your phone or phone book for listings, then check Yelp to see ratings of the ones you choose.
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Life2short, you would need to check with your local caregiving Agencies to see if they have male caregivers. A live-in caregiver would get exhausted after a while, then you would need to look for someone new. It is so much better to have 3 shifts of caregivers each day, that way they can go home and be rested for the next shift.

The main issue would be if your brother could budget for the cost. Here in my area it cost $30/hour for shift caregivers.

Curious, how old is your brother, and what was the cause that has him being wheel chair bound? Is your brother going to physical therapy or having physical therapy come to him? Depending on his age, many people can lead normal lives even being in a wheelchair. They are able to work, and do pretty much anything a walking person can do. Again, depending on their age.
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doyouthink you be able to find an live in person. if so howmuch would it be and do you take insurance
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