She has impaired vision(macular degeneration), impaired hearing, and some memory loss. How difficult would adjustment to changed environment, changing doctors, hospitals, friends etc to be closer to family?

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This is a difficult question both for you and your loved one. There are a lot of factors that have to be considered before you make a decision on care for a loved one.

Here are some important factors to consider:
How much care does your mother ( I am assuming this is your mother) need?
How much can you afford to pay?
Does she have a social life where she currently lives or is she isolated?
Is there someone currently overseeing her care?

It is important that your mother have some social interaction, that she can see her doctors, get her prescriptions, and food. If she needs home health aides you will need someone to monitor the care.

You should also consider how invested your mom is in her current location. Does she have friends? Is she able to get around her apartment easily or are there obstacles that make living there difficult, like too many stairs, a kitchen that is hard to get around.

I always suggest clients list the pros and cons of each situation.
Don’t forget your self as a consideration. It always sounds great for you to be near your mother, but will you have the time to visit her, and take care of her needs without becoming resentful?

I’d be curious to know what you finally decide after weighing all these issues.
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