My mother is 95 and has had 5 falls in 10 months due to waking in the night and getting out of bed. How do I get her to buzz carers when she needs to get up to go to the loo.

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Thank you cdnreader mom does have a commode she also wears a pad both day & night but never soils it. It's when she goes into the bathroom she falls she always promises to use buzzer to call carers but never does
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Dear Frankie,

I'm sorry to hear of your mom's falls. For my grandmother they have her a bedside commode so she didn't have to walk as far to the bathroom. They also gave her necklace call button to use. I know its hard to wait for help. I don't know how she would feel about using an adult Depends product for the night instead of having to get up to go to the bathroom. I hope you find something that works for your mom.
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My mother's nursing home lowered her bed and placed a thick pad (like a gym mat) next to it. Mom had dementia and expecting her to buzz for help was futile.
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What health/medical issues does your Mom have that could be causing her to lose her balance and fall?--leg weakness? dizziness? unsteady gait? Have you talked with the Nursing Supervisor about your Mom's falls and how they can be prevented? What is the nursing home doing to encourage your Mom to call for assistance? Even if the call light is within reach, when "you have to go, you have to go." :) Does your Mom have a bed alarm clipped to her nightgown? or a bed pad alarm that sounds when she attempts to get out of bed? Is her walker next to the bed within reach? Is the room bright enough so that your Mom can see where she is going? Nursing Homes take falls very seriously because if they have too many falls then Medicare and Medicaid might not reimburse them for the care that the facility bills for.
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