I am the family member most responsible for my mother's care. She has Parkinson's with multiple complications, mental health and orthopedic issues. She does have 24/7 care, for which I am greatful.

I live in Chicago and she lives in Louisville, Ky. I go to visit her once a month without fail. Earlier this week, I was diagnosed with cancer. It is in an advanced stage (because I ignored the symptoms for so long).

A comment and a question:
Comment: Please, please heed the advise when others say to take care of yourself first.

Question: How do I tell my mother I have cancer? I am petrified of not being there for her.

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Don't give up, know there are others who understand and are in you situation literally, take good care of your self, and tell them the truth, You need help and can not be running yourself ragged anymore, you need to be looked after with love and treated gently and well yourself. Insist on it and take all the time you need for your own concerns now.
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I am sorry dear.
I will take care of myself & thank you for the advice.
I hope your treatment is a success and remission is in your future.
Is there anyone you can give charge of your mom's care?
If she already has 24/7 care she is in the right place. I am confident you will be able to break the news to her gently.
GOD be with you during this transition. HIS stregnth, comfort & peace.
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