I have a brother who lives in Ocean City and is 72 years old. Joe is in reasonable physical condition but is not motivated to exercise. His gait suggests some deterioration and physicians have referred him for occupational or physical therapy. His income is quite limited. He is a special needs person who enjoys the Senior Citizens program offered by the county in Ocean City and volunteers in that program. Can you recommend help ? Thank you.

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Counties do not provide PT or OT, you get those services through a referral from the MD. There are co-pays. Ask your MD's secretary about where you can get these services.
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First, contact the Cape May County offices directly to pose your question - they're the ones who could answer your query.

Second, therapy is typically recommended and scripted for by a physician. Whoever recommended therapy for him should write the prescription. You should research facilities that provide therapy if he's able to drive himself, or alternately, he could have in home therapy, call them, ask what programs they have to special needs clients, and interview various ones until you find you witih which you're comfortable.

Therapy at a physical and/or occupational therapy facility is much better because there are a wider range of exercise devices that can be used, and the therapists have access to modalities such as TENS, ultrasound, heating and cooling pads.

Assuming your brother has Medicare, it will pay for a limited number of therapy sessions, IF he is making progress.

I don't have any insight on whether a special needs status would yield extended therapy, so that might be something you could check out. If the doctor's office doesn't know, call Medicare directly, or ask someone in the County or Senior Center. There might also be some local or national special needs organizations that can offer insight into what might be available.

Is he getting any kind of disability assistance?
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