Can’t understand the rehab bill from my MIL’s stay. Is there a way to get an itemized because bill from them? Codes mean nothing to me and there are what appears to be names of other patients on the bill that are covered with black magic marker. Meanwhile they are trying to get payment yesterday but I just received the bill last week. One amount for over 3 thousand dollars appears as a tally yet another amount for over 1 thousand doesn’t. They are charging a total that is over five. Don’t want to pay until I know what I’m paying for. This is a lot of money to me! Thanks!

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Medicare should be paying for the first 20 days. 21 to 100 50%. Secondary insurance should pay for some. With my Mom it was $150 a day. You should have signed paperwork upon admission listing exactly what you would be charged the 21st to 100th day. If passed the 100 days and Mom cannot afford it, you need to apply for Medicaid. None of her care should come out of your money.
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In your request/demand for explanations, shift the responsibility to them to provide the data you need.  It is in fact a reasonable request/demand.  

It shouldn't be your responsibility to figure out poorly prepared itemized statements.  

I did experience this when my father died; the last statement was just a total  amount.  I had to call, ask for specifics since there was some private pay.  To my surprise, the facility didn't keep its records in a manner I would have considered proper.   

Contact with the physicians' office, more calls, but I never did get a breakdown on some of the questions I had, but the bill was reasonable and overall fit within the parameters of the contracts.   And the service was outstanding, there was no evidence that there was fraud or errors in record keeping.  I think they just weren't accustomed to detailed billings. 

It wasn't a situation like yours though, and I do think you're justified in demanding more detail.
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And remember that you dont use YOUR money to pay this bill. This is your mom's bill.

If she doesnt have the funds, it is not your debt to pay.
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Yes, you should send them a letter....send it certified. Asking for each item described in English so you can see and verify the bill.

it is pretty normal to require a bill for services.

do not wait. You have only 30 days to respond....send that letter today and keep the receipt. When you get confirmation (online) of that too
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