A doctor finally gave me a sleeping aid but just didn't give me any more hours rest. Don't know what's wrong with me. I am really a laid back person. Not nervous, sometimes depressed, though.

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We do know that as we age, less sleep is required. And depression often contributes to sleep deprivation. As we age, we really need to be careful of sleep aids. These anticholinergics increase our risk for falls and may interact with other medications we are taking. Are you active during the day? 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise, if at all possible, is recommended. A nice brisk walk around the neighborhood. Keeping hydrated is also important. There are many contributing factors for sleep deprivation and I would strongly consider diet and exercise before medication.
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I was like this for years and while working was tired. Since I have retired I catch up by sleeping in the day time. If I have an infection I don't sleep well. You mentioned some depression. It would be good to get that looked into. Unfortunately many drugs cause insomnia. Have you tried exercise in the daytime? I find it helps. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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Uhm, are you tired through the day? Would a short nap help?
It seems to me that this is just your natural rhythm and you should stop trying to fight it.
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There are a number of issues to address and evaluate;

Are you a Type A person? Did you have a high profile job with high levels of expectation and stress? Do did you work in any other high stress occupation? Even if you're a "laid back person", that can contribute to less sleep.

Do you eat late at night? Do you eat foods with high sugar levels? Drink pop or caffeinated drinks? They'll keep you awake as well.

Do you read intense novels or watch tv before you go to bed?

Have you tried natural therapies such as music and relaxation techniques?

Have you tired Melatonin?

If you are depressed, are you seeing anyone for it? That might be the better person to prescribe a sleeping med than a PCP.
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