I can't see proper after conjunctivitis treatment. Any advice?


One month before though I had my vision checked and it was ok, but now things are blurry, please help. I have conjunctivitis I went eye doctor and then I used some drops and its ok but now I am still not seeing properly especially reading small words I am using glasses also and I checked my vision and its the same as before, I can't see in sun light its irritates me also my eyes are so dry, also now two months almost spent ,,,doctor gave me two types eyes drops that I used ,,, please advice.

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Absolutely check back with your doctor. This is not an acceptable outcome. You may need ongoing drops or some other treatment but only the doctor can tell you. Don't wait until there's permanent vision damage - get in as soon as possible.

Please come back and let us know how you are doing.
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Have you been back to the doctor? That's where I'd start. My mom had very dry eyes and one of the medication were drops that caused blurring, because it was a sort of moisturizing gel. The doctor suggested that my mom use it before bed and not in the AM. Check back with your doctor for advice about this.
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