A spiteful sibling removed an elderly parent from one assisted facility to another one 4 hours away from the last one. This sibling did not tell any of the other siblings that this was going to happen. There was no forwarding address left at the previous facility. The elderly parent was calling me and another sibling several times a day until the move and I can't seem to locate my elderly parent's whereabouts. I called adult protective and they said that can't do anything. An elder law attorney said it is not illegal, although not the right thing to do. Any other avenues? I have called dozens of assisted living facilities in the area that the elderly parent might be located with no luck. So, myself and other siblings do not have the opportunity to spend time or visit or talk on the phone and being denied any opportunity of contact in his last years of life. Thank you!

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Dear Agingconcerns,

Are there any family members or friends of the family that can reach out to this spiteful sibling and get more information for the rest of you?

I'm so sorry to hear what is happening. I know there is a lot of pain sometimes between siblings and caring for an elderly parent.

Another suggestion is a private investigator, but I'm not sure about the costs.
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