Since I have taken out my money and left mt brother money in, the nursing home will not gave my brother Medicaid. I am 80 year old at home.

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Medicaid is for people of low income, basically you can only have about $2,000 total and if you have more you lose coverage. If you both had an account together and it totaled more than that, and you went and removed that money, especially if it was a rather large amount, Medicaid thinks you are just trying to hide it for him. There is a formula where they take that amount of money and they figure out how many months or years he will have to wait until he becomes eligible under their rules. Unfortunately a lawyer could have helped you with this matter and might have been your best bet. Also, after a person on Medicaid passes away, they have the right to come in and take your home and possessions, including any bank accounts even joint accounts or those in trust to pay themselves back for all payments made on the Medicaid persons behalf. They cannot if there is still a living spouse or a disabled child, until they pass away.

There are many things that really bother me about this but what ticks me off is the fact that most doctors just write off the balance because it is a waste of time to have to try and collect from them. I have billed them numerous times for my employer and I get back a notice saying, "Sorry, we are out of money, so we will not be paying this claim!" (not in those exact words, but this is what they mean). Then if you are a recipient, try to find an employee, who knows what they are talking about, it is impossible. I spoke to one "Case Worker" who told me that I probably know more than she does because she didn't know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid!!!!!

The entire mess is a rip off! Now in California if you have Medi-Cal (Medicaid) YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH AN HMO! Now I am on disability and have Medicare as my primary insurance and Medi-Cal as my secondary and I DO NOT WANT TO SIGN UP WITH AN HMO AND BE LOCKED INTO ONE SET OF DOCTORS! But Medi-Cal in all of its wisdom says you MUST or you LOSE YOUR BENEFITS!
What BENEFIT??? They don't pay my claims, they don't pay for my prescriptions!
It is a big black hole where billions of dollars slide into someones pocket and the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing!

I am sorry for the problems you are having but you probably really need the help of an attorney that deals with Medicaid.
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