What do I need to do if my husband is in a vegetative state of mind after massive stroke? Made too much money to get medi-cal to help pay for his care after the 100 days. I do not have power of attorney. I can't afford to pay out of pocket. That would take up his retirement check and I pay my mortgage and my bills with his retirement. I don't know what to do ...I'm afraid if I get medi-cal they will take my house from me or after I die they will take from my kids.

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MediCal is the California version of MedicAid. Lots of states have cute names for their programs. Get an elder care attorney now to do the best planning for your financial protection. Do Not Put This Off.
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Adriana, I think your daughter also asked about this.

You need a cerified eldercare attorney.

Medical will put a lien on the house, but will allow you to live there. You will file for spousal impoverishment so that you have enough money to live.

It really sounds as though you are allowing your fears to keep you from applying for Medi-cal. Don't let fear get in the way!
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I know there are people here who understand what Medi-cal is. I don't. Is it like Medicaid?

I have to believe there is help out there for you and your husband. Just keep asking. I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses here too.

As far as your kids being responsible for your financial obligations after you die, they won't be as long as your kids' names aren't on any accounts or debts you may have.

Hang in there, Adriana. Help's coming.
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