My dad has been living with me since October and I took FMLA from work to care for him. I can't find a NH to take him because he is combative and hx of elopement. I don't know what to do. Money is bad with me working because I commute 2 1/2 hrs a day. Need suggestions Ideas anything

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danauggy, In home caregivers will not take on a case where the patient is combative. Their first priority is safety. Dad needs a memory care facility, which is more secure than a nursing home. If that takes a court order, then do it.
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Sorry - I just read your profile. Have you contacted any facilities with memory care units or which are specifically prepared to handle aggressive behavior? With his dementia and/or Alzheimers, his behavior is unfortunately likely to become worse.

I don't know if this would help but perhaps the local Alzheimer's Assn. might have recommendations which facilities can handle aggressive patients.
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Is he on meds for the combative behavior? If not, that's probably a good step. You can't compromise your life or financial situation indefinitely because of his behavior, so consult his doctors to see what can be done to control it. Or has he always been combative?

I don't know what kinds of facilities would take a combative person; hopefully others who come along and post can offer suggestions on this aspect.

I'm also not sure what 'hx of elopement" means - does he run away?
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