For the past 5 years my wife and I have been caring for her mother who suffers from Alzheimer's. we cannot get help from her family with the care and would like to know of a facility to take her to. she has medicare/medical and we live in California and we do not care if we have to go out of state.

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You first need to find a facility that deals with Alzheimers patients. The way to do this is there Medicare Nursing Home tool.

Just Google it and then go through the interactive tool. It will give the facilities and ratings in your area.

Next, arrange a visit with the nursing home administrator to visit the facility. Here you will get a chance to ask questions and see the facility.

Then go back to that facility on the weekends, when most of the visitors come, and do what I call the "parking lot" test.

The parking lot test is when you start to ask a few questions of the visitors coming and going from the facility. Ask them how the facility REALLY their loved one is holding up, the way they are treated, how the food is, etc...

No facility is perfect by any stretch, but these real-life reviews from people who have loved ones at the facility are some of the best ways that you can tell if that particular place is the one for Mom or not.
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First of all I would talk with her doctor, he should have some recommendations of facilities in the area. If you currently have an inhome health care provider, they can also be of help.

Best of luck!
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mannyman, it is very difficult to care for someone with advanced Alzheimer's, so I understand completely. Many nursing facilities will accept people who have Alzheimer's. Some will have secure "memory units" if wandering is a problem. Check your local facilities and go visit them to see if you think accommodations are good enough for your MIL. Check out the facilities using references and the local BBB to see if there have been complaints. Then figure out how you are going to finance the stay. Medicare will not pay for long-term care. Medicare is only when there is a chance the patient will become better and be able to live in the community once again. Is Medi-cal the California version of Medicaid? Many, but not all, nursing facilities will accept Medicaid.

The nice thing about placement is that you will be able to visit often without having to worry about other things. I hope that you are able to find a nice place quickly. Let us know how it goes.
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