I cannot afford Medicare plan B. How can I find doctor insurance plan free or $35 per month?


I have 800 soc sec month in dec 2015 I was in a hit run accident xmas eve hit on the interstate 95 by u haul driving to be with family xmase U haul did not stop insurance did not pay out medical bills 23.000.car totaled
insurance since it was hit run paid only 1000.00 medical and payed out 3.200. for my 02 chevy Impala...

I can not afford 104.00 plan B medicare only have plan A. since my incolme is only 800.00 month...how can i find Dr. insurance plan free or 35.00 month?.
no insurance will help not even Humana...what can I do?...Hospital I will have to file Medical Bankrupcy I own nothing ...not even a car since I had to give 3.200 pay out to used car dealer?....

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Can you apply for Medicaid? I'm so sorry for your trouble.

Have you talked to the Hospital business office? Most hospitals have programs that use charitable contributions to offset the medical bills of those who are in tough situations like yours. I would go in person and talk to them if you can.

I would also contact Legal Aid to see if you can get some representation in this matter.
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