so...mother and father on same supplemental plan. My mother has long term health matters, and other than that...she is in overall good health. 1. she has a blood disorder (myeloproleratif disorder ) that has been under control for nearly 15 years through diet and 1 main drug. other is that she has had a handfull of fibrillation...and has been also placed on ongoing prescription and been managed well. my parents purchased the supplemental a few years ago upon my dad's retirenment. 3 months ago, my mom forgot to send in a payment. They cancelled both mom and dad's immedietly remembered, sent payment. Dad's coverage accepted, mom's coverage declined due to "past medical history" I am astounded...but that is what we are dealing with. Any suggestions or advice on potential supplemental providers you may reccomend would be much appreciated.

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This is outrageous, but I'm afraid it's done all the time. Miss a payment by a day, and you give up the coverage and start over. Then, if there are pre-existing conditions you are denied. Is your mother old enough for Medicare (65 or older). She should be able to sign up for Medicare then, and would likely be able to get supplemental coverage, though it may depend on the company. It likely would also be more expensive because of her health issues. The other option would be to look into a state pool for people who can't get insurance. This would be expensive but at least she'd have insurance. This kind of thing makes me sad and angry. I'm so sorry.
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These insurance companies are terrible. You can try USAA. I put my parent's on that when we moved them to our state. My mom was 78 then and my dad 83. My mom had Congestive Heart Failure at the time and a host of other problems. My dad had a history of stroke and had had a double bypass years previous. We had no problem with USAA getting them signed up. This was 6 1/2 years ago, so who knows what the current insurance attitude is. The premium with USAA is currently about 580.00 per quarter. They always pay and have a good reputation with medical staff. Hope this is helpful and I wish you luck. Stay in touch.
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