When my FIL retired from a major corporation 29 years ago part of his retirement included medical insurance and then Medicare supplement insurance. They did not update the policy and it is pretty crappy coverage. They pay $180 per month and it covers very little. My in-laws are in memory care, and my BIL and husband are POA’s. The corporation says they will not cancel the policy even though my husband and his brother have legal POA, unless they have my FIL on the phone. As you know, we cannot visit them and my FIL is not cognizant enough to have that conversation. Short of getting an attorney, what can we do?

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Stop making the payments. They will then cancel it. If automatically taken out of their account, tell the bank to cancel the automatic withdrawl.

I discontinued Moms. Fax or email them a copy of the Medical POA with a letter from the doctor stating Dad can no longer handle his affairs. If you get nowhere with the person you are talking to get a supervisor.

When u get that done go to your County Office of Aging and they can help you choose an affordable supplimental. Before doing that, read up on Medicare Advantages. They are not for everyone.
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DILKimba Sep 2020
Thank you, we have found a great replacement and already gotten them enrolled. This corporation has been very difficult to deal with. They told us we could fax the. The POA documents, which we did-Twice-and they claim they never received them, so I finally mailed them registered mail, now they have them, we have the pin# and now they are saying even with POA and pin# they need FIL on phone-which is not possible. DH got a supervisor finally, but she said it was technically after hours and to call back Monday morning. I guess next step is to stop auto-withdrawal at bank. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
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