I live in Canada, caring for 2 elderly parents, and have come to the point that I need help with caring for them. I am all round burnt out, mentally, emotionally, spiritually which all leads to physical burn out. I am new to this process of caring for the elderly, and am not well prepared, even though I thought it would be ezpz, to care for your own parents. I just didn't know how their behavior would impact me, and now I do.
Is anyone here familiar with in home care in Canada? I would love some referrals for hire? I am not sure what I need help with.... But for now, it's the meals that are driving me nuts, that's for sure. They take up the best part of my day. I guess I would need someone to come in daily to make them lunch, a couple of hours/day with clean up.
I have never been one to ask for help with anything, but here I am.

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In Ottawa.
We have care for my dad who had brain surgery 3 times last year. It is government funded
we get the max which is 3 hours a day so a psw will come 3 times a day and (are supposed to) stay for an hour each time. It is a mixed bag with that, we have people come who are brilliant, and worth their weight in gold but some stay 10 minutes and don't want to do anything
I am not sure what qualifies you for it but before we got it we were hiring people from Home Instead but they are expensive. $35 an hour. Most of them were great and if you ae paying directly you can be pickier about who you get. If you happen to be in Ottawa, I can give you a list of names!!!!
If not affordable , you would be best to hire someone privately than through an agency someone to prepare meals and a cleaner, it will be a lot cheaper
No one is prepared for this.. I certainly wasn't.
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Contact your provincial agency in charge of home care to see what she qualifies for, but I very much doubt whether any of them are going to provide daily meal prep or much more than very light housekeeping. Is meals on wheels not available in your area?
My advice sometimes comes as a shock to many Canadians but your parents may need to pay for some of the help they need, often home care agencies can be hired for hours and tasks beyond what is paid for by government programs, plus there are plenty of people who will come and clean your home, run errands, deliver groceries or do yard work for hire.
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We are mostly from the US on the forum. But we do have some Canadians. Because of time zones may be a while for a reply.
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