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If your mother already has a LTC policy you need to contact them to find out how to use it to pay for home care & if they will allow you to be paid through the agency they are contracted with. If she doesn’t have LTC yet than it’s really not going to be an option since she is 81. The premiums would be astronomical and there is usually a waiting period. It would be better to have a caregiver agreement drawn up so that she can pay you directly.
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My mom has a LTC insurance plan that actually specifies it will NOT pay family members for care.
If your LO has a policy, check the specifications. It should spell out what it will and won't pay.
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Is the family member working for an agency?
LTC Insurance should pay for caregivers.
BUT...the agency may have a policy about a worker working for family.
There is a Boundary issue that can be difficult.
If you can hire independently and the LTC will pay for it then you might be able to hire family. (with the exception in most cases a Spouse can not get paid, there are some exceptions though)
But if this is done it should be done properly and legally with a proper contract, appropriate taxes taken out.
Personally I am not sure I would want to hire family. Very difficult to confront an employee if they are not doing something properly or you suspect there is a problem and it would be even more difficult if the person you are confronting is family.
Sitting across the table at a family the person a paid employee or family?
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