It’s just his pension check that goes in to this account . He put me on it years ago but I am on it just like a spouse would be. ( this is what the bank told me). None of my money is deposited . Just didn’t know how this is viewed if he had to go into a government facility with the 5 year rule. Thanks
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Dad should be the primary and taxable income shoude be on his account. I am a POA and legal conservator. Keep good records and do not mix your personal expenses unless you have a contract with him to accept patient.
You might check to see if your local or state probate has downloadable conservator forms and use it for his records if the document is not too complicated. Some states have good spreadsheets that calculate. The form from VT contains errors. The MA form does all calculations but is a little wieldy
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Hopefully its just Dads money. Because anything with his name on it will be viewed as his. If you do deposit to this account, I suggest getting another account for you.
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Is it that you & dad have an account in which both of you have put $ into so that it’s actually commingling? Like his retirement & SS goes into it and your salary or other funds go into it regularly, type of situation?

If this is whats what, then yeah there’s going likely to be a problem should he apply for LTC Medicaid. All the $ in the account will be viewed as his. And his to be spent down to get impoverishment levels (2k max in non exempt assets for widower)that Medicaid requires.

How to unspool & correct all this to me kinda depends on what the sources are for the $ getting deposited into the account.
So what’s the backstory on the account?
And is there just 1 account that’s commingling funds? Or several?
and whose SS is listed as the primary for each account?
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I'm not completely clear on your question but here goes. Keep the checking account in both your names so that you can help out when your father needs you to write checks.
Open an additional account for just you, and start putting all of your money in it immediately. Basically, it's time to keep the money separate.
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