We were told you could, but it was rare. In our case, the VA benefit was reduced to less than $50 when chronic Medicaid was approved. (Or maybe it was the Medicaid benefit was reduced? I forget)

In any case, the person technically qualified for both but the amount paid was reduced significantly.
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In theory, VA A&A is self-directed, so you get the $ and you determine what it us used for within VA guidelines, is my understanding.
VA A&A for individual about $1900 & if married $2300.

So IF at home, you can pay for a caregiver.
IF in AL, you can use it towards rent.
IF in NH, you can use it towards rent also.....BUT the rub is that $1900 will not ever be enough to pay for monthly NH costs. Even if you somehow have a nice monthly SS$ of $2k, those even combined will not be enough for LTC in a NH as NH are $7-15k mo.
So you are better off becoming eligible for LTC NH Medicaid. As Medicaid will cover all the NH room and board costs.
So You stop or suspend VA A&A. You cannot get both LTC Medicaid & VA A&A.
BUT, If VA A&A stopped & they instead go onto Medicaid, VA then does a monthly personal needs stipend of $90 a month. They get to totally keep the VA $90, plus get to keep from their monthly “income” whatever Medicaid in your state has as the PNA (personal needs allowance). So like in TX PNA is $60 + VA $90, so they have $140 a mo free to spend $. The VA $90 as Cali posted isn’t countable as “income”.

VA A&A imo can be ideal to have if they have assets to spend down & kinda need time to unthread them (like an annuity draw down, or they need time to sell property, or moving stuff to best serve a community spouse situation); the VA A&A$ helps them extend their own $ longer...... before they hit finally being impoverished for Medicaid limits.
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I believe it depends on whether the benefit (such as Aid & Attendance) puts the person over the income limit for Medicaid.
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worriedinCali Feb 16, 2020
A&A isn’t countable income when it comes to medicaid.
I don't think you can if in LTC. You can't have both. But there was a poster who said her LO was getting both in LTC. A question for Medicaid and/or the VA.
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In some circumstances, yes. You can receive Medicaid and VA & aid & attendance if you are in an assisted living. You can also receive VA homebound benefits and Medicaid if you still live home. But other than that, you cannot receive both.
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