Can you help if an elderly woman is being taken advantage of by a lawyer who is withholding her money?

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Gigi, it could also be that the woman paid for legal services and the attorney charged a retainer, to be applied against future work.

I think we need more information on why she's seeing this attorney and the nature of the retention of funds.

If funds are being held w/o legitimate reason, the state bar association's grievance committee would be the entity to contact the attorney and address the issue.
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Gigi, or are you asking if you, yourself, can help this elderly woman? Who is relying to you that an Attorney is withholding her money? Is the elderly woman telling you that?

It's great that you want to help, but it could be this elderly woman has some memory issues. It is not unusual for those with memory issues to make up stories or expand on something that is legit. Can you ask her why this Attorney is holding her money? And depending on how she answers then you can judge if this sounds real or not.

It could be the Attorney is holding this woman's Trust and he/she is only allowed to give this woman a certain amount of money each month.... and the woman wants more.
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Not beyond giving is a support forum of care givers, we can't assist you in legal council.
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