Can you get paid for taking care of grandparent?


My grandmother lives alone and someone has to help her daily rides shopping house work cooking etc have heard theres a caregiver pay so its easier to do so rather than work full time and try to take care of loved ones also

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In your other question on this same topic, you included the grandson as apparently needing care as well. What's his situation? Is he disabled or does he have medical conditions that prevent him from working, or is he still a minor?
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Majority of grown children or grown grandchildren do not get paid for caring for a love one.... unless the love one can pay you from their own retirement fund.

There are some States where you can apply to be a caregiver, but note the pay would be minimum wage and just for a few hours per week.

Check with the Florida Medicaid department and see if your Grandmother can apply. Each State is different regarding rules, regulations, and what programs they offer. Also check with the County Agency on Aging, they have such programs as Meals on Wheels for the home bound.

Whatever you do, do NOT give up your full-time employment. And do NOT pay for care or items your Grandmother might need from your own pocket. I assume your Grandmother gets Social Security, use that money for care.
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