Can we pay for a better assisted living facility without jeopardizing Mom's medical benefits?


Mom is on Medical Assistance (age 78) can my siblings and I pay for a better place for her to live without jeopardizing her medical benefits?

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If you r talking about Medicaid helping you may have to run this by them. Is the present AL her payee for SS and/or pension. All this will need to be changed. Medicaid will also have to agree to the higher cost and the new AL will have to except Medicaid.
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At 78, she’s on Medicare.
By “medical assistance”, do you mean she’s on Medicaid? So she’s a “dual”? So on both Medicare and Medicaid, and Medicaid is paying for her AL?

If so, however Medicaid administers the program in your state will determine if shared rooms are required in order for Medicaid to pay the daily room & board charge. Some states do allow for family to pay directly to a facility an up-charge to get private room. Other states do not allow this.

Please realize that for most states LTC Medicaid facility based programs do not cover AL; instead programs are for those needing skilled nursing care in a NH.
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