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I’m guessing your asking this as yours is a married couple situation where 1 is needing LTC Medicaid and the other is staying in their old home as the “community spouse” (CS).
My answer is based on that:
Yes the rules seem to be that only 1 car is allowed for LTC Medicaid eligibility for an individual or a couple. What might be best is to sell or turn in both vehicles and get a single newer & more dependable car that is within Medicaid limits. What the max value $ amount of car depends on your states Medicaid program as each state sets its management of Medicaid uniquely but within overall federal guidelines. Sometimes leasing may be better if they want a car over state limit, as it’s not an asset as the CS does not own it.

But really you you may want to speak wit an elder law atty BEFORE you ever file the Medicaid application for the medically “at need” spouse. Couples Medicaid where 1 is a CS is not simple. Medicaid does not require the CS to themselves become impoverished, (it’s the NH spouse that has to impoverished usually with a max of 2k or 3k for most states), but how to do this isn’t easy as all assets are viewed as joint but the CS income is not included into the NH spouse eligiblility. But getting CS income spent so that it doesn’t flow over the mo after paid to become an joint asset, could be a complex math problem. Really if it’s likely that the CS will outlive the NH spouse and likely for years or decades, you all are best off meeting with a NAELA or CELA level of elder law attorney AND before ever doing the application.

Also CS can get a waiver to get CSRA or MMNA. These are monthly resource allowances done by states that divert the NH spouse monthly income (like SS) that is required to get paid to the NH as their copay to instead be paid to the CS to enable the CS $ to live in their community. The atty should be able to figure a way to legit show your need for the waiver & at as high a figure as possible if need be.

Really am atty will know the maze that is couples Medicaid planning. Like For couples, Medicaid affixes a snapshot date to which all $, assets, income is affixed on. So if say mortgage needs to be paid off to reduce asset to allowable amount for a CS (tends to be 119k), or cars turned in or insurance beneficiary changes done, or assets shifted to income source for CS, these have to be done and cleared bank account or whatever legal recording before that Medicaid application gets filed. Not a DIY.
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Are you applying for Medicaid? In GA you can not own a second car, age doesn’t matter. An attorney told us we could sell both cars and go buy a brand new one, still under warranty. If you sell a car, it needs to be for fair market value.
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