I'm the beneficiary and have PoA.

Unless you think your beneficiary wants to bump you off for the money, they could be the same person. If you do think he wants to bump you off, then the wife probably isn't a good choice either. :-)

Choose the person you think will work in your best interest and who is willing to take on the responsibility. Be sure you discuss it with someone before drafting the document.
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zalmanitzka Mar 7, 2019
No I doubt she wants to bump me off she will most likely patiently wait, actually she is a deeply religious person , she is the wife of my spiritual advisor whose is my beneficiary well actual his charity is the beneficiary
Thank you so much for your help Kayrom 1 I so appreciate it ,
Er, yes. You can choose whatever representatives you like, assuming they will agree to act for you.

Is there any reason you think she might struggle with some kind of conflict of interest or something?
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zalmanitzka Mar 7, 2019
No I don't think so because even if she does happen to struggle with it , I have a DNR and it's signed by my doctor
Thank you so much for your help Countymouse, I so much appreciate it
Charles - a bigcitymouse

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