I have complained about my Mother's care and have a validated complaint filed with the NYS Department of Health. My brother, after receiving communication by the nursing home (which I was not informed of) has told the nursing home not to let me see my Mother until I have agreed to limit my time with her. The nursing home has required me to write a signed document agreeing to limit my time with my mother. My brother, who has health proxy has agreed with them that I need to provide this letter before they allow me to see my Mother. My Dad, who is very angry about this - has told my brother and the nursing home that this is not his wishes.

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Is Mom able to make her wishes known? If so, your brother has no say. Does Dad have medical proxy too? If so, as her husband I would think his overrides brothers.

I would the NYS Dept of Health and tell them about this. To me this is a retaliation because of the complaint and may not be legal.
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