And if so how would one do so?
My mom sent my Dad down to visit, he tried to move back home, But every time He tried to go Back Home he would end up in the Hospital 3 times this happened, Come to find out his wife was hiding a Cat, Knowing is highly allergic to them, She wanted him out as she was and still is with another man. I went back to get him after the 3rd time for good,

He now requires me to care for him more and more. All alone and don't know what to do. My father is now in N.C. with me and his wife is in Massachusetts.

Please if someone could help with some information .. It would be greatly appreciated....

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Majority of grown children do not get paid for caring for their elderly parent, unless the parent is financially able to pay from their own savings. If your Dad can pay you, you would need to put together an employment contract, and you would need to pay for your own payroll taxes. Would this income cause issues with SSI?

Check to see if your parent could qualify for Medicaid…. each State has different eligibility requirements the parent must meet. If your State has such a program to pay a grown child to care for a parent, you might feel your parent needs 12 hours of care, the program might decide only 5 hours. And you may need to take some health care courses to qualify. Plus there is a question as to if the State will pay a relative if he/she already lives full-time with the parent.

Also, check with your local Council on Aging to see what programs they offer, such as an Aide coming to the house.
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First, Dad needs to sign up for Medicaid in North Carolina. When you jump to another state, you re-apply. If he is a vet, call the VA about help too. Much depends on what services his MD will issue a written order for. So you need to find a new doctor, too.
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