Can the children of a killed in action Korean War veteran get benefits?

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MsAnna, I have a vague recollection from reading various VA articles on its website, that children of someone KIA are entitled to benefits. I assume there's an age limit, such as 18, but that would have to be checked out.

1. I found some hits; search on these parameters:

Chapter 13 Dependents and Survivors Benefits - Veterans Affairs

2. You can also contact a local county or state Veterans agency, the VA itself, or a service organization such as American Legion or the VFW.

However, I would think that any surviving children would be adults now and as such might not be available for benefits.

This really is a question to pose to someone knowledgeable of all levels of VA benefits.

Is there a VA hospital with admin offices close to you that you could contact?
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Just a thought. Doesn't the wife of a man killed in action get something from the Military at the time of hiss death?
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I doubt it. Call your local VA office and talk to a representative.
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