Can my son get paid for being my care giver?


I'm a 79 year old woman who had a heart attack last May; burried her husband this April and moved into a townhouse in May and my children does NOT want me to be alone.

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There r states that have programs that train a family member or friend to care for you. They can get paid.
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jpkj, so sorry to read that your husband passed away in April.

Please note that the majority of grown children who are taking care of their parent(s) are not being paid..... unless the parent can pay them out of their own retirement fund.

As Gladimhere mentioned above, you would need to draw up a Caregivers Agreement show the number of hours he will work, his duties, and the hourly rate... plus who will pay the payroll taxes, you or him. There are payroll services that will do this, but they do charge a fee.

I hope your son isn't quitting full-time employment to be your caregiver. That would be a financial nightmare for him if he does :( Who was taking care of you after your heart attack 4 months ago?

Curious why you choose a townhouse to move into? In my area, townhomes have 2 to 3 levels of very steep stairs. Will you be able to manage those stairs in the future? Or are you in an one level condo which has a second level with a loft?
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Is a caregiver medically necessary? If you anticipate needing Medicaid your son would need a caregiver agreement that includes what his tasks are and what he will be paid to do them. You then become his employer so social security, Medicare, disability and taxes must be held and paid to the government. See an elder law attorney for help on getting this setup.
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