Massachusetts, in nursing home one year.

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I would say if in a home on Medicaid, no. The car will have to be sold at Market Value. That money will need to be used for her care which can screw up their Medicaid if it takes them over the 2k allowed. If she is private pay, will they need Medicaid within the next 5 yrs? If so, what I said before goes.

If on Medicaid, I would run this by them. Can you drive it to keep it running. You will be responsible for tags, registration and insurance and upkeep, If person on Medicaid, none of their money can be used for it. If Medicaid OKs the use, then I would get it in writing from the owner that you are allowed to use the car.
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On the face of it, absolutely. A person in a nursing home is as free as anybody else to dispose of his property.

If there is a likelihood that the person will need to apply for Medicaid within the next five years, though, you'll need to think it through because the value of the car would certainly be construed as a gift.

Would it be possible for the son or daughter to buy the car at its approximate second hand value?
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