Can someone help me recall a referral for a tilt chair?

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I posted a thread asking for advice about tilt chairs, because my LO is now unable to sit up by herself. I know that CWillie, I think that's who it was, provided the name of a brand of chair, but, I can't locate it now.

Good news is that she's been evaluated by OT and they are trying to get her approved for a chair that Medicare will cover. But, her existing chair is only 2 years old and that seems to be an issue. But, I'm going to pay for it out of pocket if we have to.

If anyone knows the brand name please post or PM me. I've searched, but, can't find the thread. It seems that the name might have started with the letter R, but, I'm not sure.

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Sunny, I hope this thread may help:
Are you talking about geri chair?
THANK YOU. This is not the one that I started, but, it does have the referral for the Broda chair and I think that is what I was looking for. GREAT.

CWillie, if this is the one that you listed in your referral, please confirm if you see this.

Yup, that's it Sunny!
Thanks to all.

I'm in contact with the OT about a chair. My concern is how in the world is a chair going to keep her torso and head upright. She's leaning down to the left or over forward all the time. Even in bed, when lying down, she slumps to the left.

I wish the photographs of the chairs had people who really slump over, so we could see how the chair helps keep them upright. A perfectly healthy person sitting upright in the chair is not very helpful, imo.
Sunny, they should be able to have her tilted back so she doesn't slump forward, and also have some type of snug, U shaped cushions that support her head and body. Make them answer those questions before you order, maybe even show you samples - is there a show room available?
(BTW you OT sounds like an unhelpful dud)
I've asked the questions and am waiting to hear back. Just spoke with her today, so, I'll give it a chance. I'll see if there's a showroom.

I'm being told that since she got a regular wheelchair 2 years ago, Medicare won't cover another chair. So, it'll be out of pocket. I'm wondering though, what happens when someone cannot use their regular wheelchair?

Would Medicare cover her new chair if she goes on Hospice? She was close to it once, but, now.....I'm not sure. She fluctuates in her condition. Some days, can barely speak or move. Other days, talking and more active. Plus, she hasn't lost weight. So, I'm not sure about hospice approving her.
They covered a 2nd (tilt) chair for Dad when he went on Hospice; however, unlike the first 'regular' wheelchair, it had to be returned when he passed.
Okay. I'm not sure if she would be approved for Hospice. It has been discussed by the doctor, the MC unit director and myself. She's better now than at that time, though. I don't think her doctor fully understands about Dementia and Hospice, but, that's a subject for another day.

The one thing that may be a factor is that she still eats well and has not lost weight. I'm not sure how much weight (pardon the pun) is put on that.

They have been wearing her off some meds though and she is on Palliative Care.

I did find a harness that is installed onto a regular wheelchair. So, that's an options. I see how that might work.

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