Can someone change my mother's POA?


My mother is 96 and is getting confused and forgetful all the time. She has previously designated my eldest sister as her POA and which is a fine decision. However, our other sister is now attempting to change the POA to herself so that she could access mom's money in banks and probably change the title of house. We need to know how to protect our mother not to let my other sister change herself to the POA. The second sister previously misappropriated my mother's money and other possessions. We chose not to go to the police at that time though. Probably to save herself some trouble, my mother now has a tendency to say yes to anything when someone nice to her asks. So we have ground to worry.



I got our guardianship filed and finalized for $2K in Las Vegas through a certified eldercare attorney, including letter from Doctor.
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In Ga the cost for an attorney to file for guardianship is $3500 from on e lawyer plus court costs.
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Not unless your mom gives it. She has to sign the document before a notary of the public.
I understand what you mean about her going along with Sister 2 to stop the noise.
The only way I know of to keep sister 2 at bay is for Sister 1 to file for guardianship but mom is not incompetent and to file is very expensive.
Perhaps someone has traveled this way and will have a solution. Hugs
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