Can a skilled nursing facility force me to bring my husband home even though I have my own health issues & we have been separated for 3 years?


My husband has LBD and can no longer walk or help himself. He had been living alone until he took a fall and now his health and weight have declined drastically. He was the one who took care of the finances on-line, but little did I know we were drowning in debt. Now, I am doing my best to dig us out of debt. What I am finding out, that even if I signed over every check he receives, I still cannot afford AL, MC, or NH, so what do people do when you are between the rock and the hard place? I need an answer quickly, please, can I be forced to bring him home when I can't care for him properly and I also am my mom's caregiver (but she can still walk, dress and feed herself and is not incontinent).

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First, he has no one at his home who can care for him. Second, you are separated and refuse to take him to your home because of your own health problems. Be aware though, if he applies for Medicaid his SS and pension will go to offset his care.
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Does anyone have POA? Have you applied for Medicaid for him?
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