Can a skilled nursing facility demand how long a person stay for rehab. The reason I ask this I have a client that just had surgery she in now in a skilled nursing facility and they are wanting them stay for about 6 six week or even more which would put them past thanksgiving and it seem that they will not let me take care of them the way that I do and train for the will not let me take them to appointments. And the client that I work for does not want to stay past the upcoming holidays. So does my client have the right to say they want to go home?

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There were rehab discharge orders written for them & done by ICD 10 codes. Rehab - if it’s being covered by Medicare - will have pretty precise guidelines as to their needing to “progress” in rehab in order to stay with Medicare paying. Other insurers will do the same. Progress notes done daily or perhaps every other day. So it may NOT be 6 weeks if they progress quickly.

For them to leave rehab before getting to whatever point needed to show progress or recovery, can end up being a problem for future care. If they sign out as AMA - Against Medical Advice - insurance may not pay the current claim or the next time there’s an issue involving the same area, they will not pay for future MD, therapists, hospitalization as they were AMA and noncompliant for care.

I’d tred carefully in all this if your not the DPOA or family, or a licensed PT or
OT or other certified Rehab specialist.
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