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Janiel, what do you want us to say?

I'm so sorry for what you're going through.
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Lealonnie mentioned this question was already asked. I looked and I had responded that this has been going on since 2019. Here's that post and has been closed to comments which is unusual since its Aug 2019.


So my question is, has the same person been on Hospice now for a year and half? Or is this a different LO?

I think you have gotten good answers so why are you still having a problem with how Hospice works?
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You are able to get respite care for 5 days in a NH when on Home Hospice. This gives those doing most of the caregiving a break.

Janiel, I don't think you understand Hospice. This means the person is nearing the end of their life. Hospice is used to keep them comfortable. Medications that are prescribed to prolong life are stopped. Those that will keep the person comfortable are continued.
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The POA works for the person who appointed him or her, and in that person's behalf when that person can no longer express his or her own wishes. That is to say, if the LO cannot express his wishes any more the POA works with the MD to make decisions. It is the MD who orders Hospice when no further treatment is curative and when end of life is near (6 months of sooner). It is hospice and MD who make decisions regarding medications and their efficacy at end of life.
Please allow the MD, Hospice and the POA appointed by the LO to act now in behalf of the loved one to fulfill his or her end of life wishes as they understand them. Be supportive in this care to all, to the best of your ability. I am so sorry for what you are now facing with the loss of a loved person.
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Janiel, you have asked hospice questions in the past and have gotten lots of great answers.

A person who's on hospice isn't placed in 'respite care for 5 days in a nursing home', that makes no sense. A person who's on hospice DOES get their medication withdrawn b/c that's what hospice involves: keeping a person comfortable until they die of natural causes w/o anymore medical intervention. By the time hospice gets involved, the patient has reached the end of their life.

Unless you would like to expand on your question, I don't think you'll get many helpful answers.
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rovana Mar 22, 2021
Could this be a situation where home hospice is being used but the caregiver needs a respite break? What happens when home hospice becomes too much for home caregiver(s) to manage? Could OP request temporary in facility hospice?
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