I moved out of my moms house into my dads (they are divorced) can she legally take me off of her medicaid? and what should i do? or who should i contact to find out?

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We usually here only deal with Medicaid for adults, but it is most certainly a family program. It covers families receiving cash welfare and many more who do not qualify for cash, but do qualify for medical coverage. Mom would be legally irresponsible not to report that you are no longer in the home. Talk to dad about getting coverage through him, his work insurance, getting included in his family Medicaid, or maybe your state's CHIP program (Children's Health Insurance Program. ...thank you former first lady Hillary Clinton). If one of your parents has health insurance through work, that parent can include you up to age 26, whether you still live at home or not (thank you Affordable Care Act....aka Obamacare). And when you are responsible for yourself look into your state's health exchange program about getting coverage yourself.
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How old are you? If you are over 18 I would think yes, you are not her responsibility, if you are under 18 mom may have to take you off since you no longer live with her. Having you as a dependent may be what qualified her. Call Medicaid yourself find out what you need to do to get coverage. What coverage does dad have. Maybe you would be eligible under his policy?
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I believe that like medicare, medicaid is only for the individual who applies for it. I don't think it is like a family health insurance program.
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